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hot cocoa caffeine

a 150ml cup contains 85mg if it is ground arabica, 60mg for instant coffee, 3mg for decaffeinated, 30mg for tea and 4mg for hot chocolate Robusta coffees contain twice as much chocolate arabicas

Hot cocoa or hot chocolate is a popular drink made by adding cocoa and sugar or hot milk chocolate syrup.

The drink contains very little cocoa, so the caffeine content is very low.

However, adding more cocoa or chocolate syrup than expected will increase the caffeine content.

Some brands also add powdered milk to their hot cocoa mixture so that the drink is made with hot water.

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Hot chocolate or hot chocolate should not be confused with hot chocolate or mocha.

Hot chocolate is usually made from cocoa and real melted chocolate for a thick, rich consistency. This will have more caffeine.

A mocha is made of espresso, cocoa powder and steamed milk, so it will contain a lot more caffeine.

Although hot cocoa is a popular drink for children, parents should be more concerned with the sugar it contains than the small amount of caffeine in the drink.

Ingredients in hot cocoa (hot chocolate)
Milk, sugar, cocoa, and vanilla

Sugar content: 24 grams (for 8 ounces).

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Caffeine comparisons
Hot cocoa (hot chocolate) contains 0.62 mg of caffeine  per fluid ounce (2.11mg/100 ml).

fats in chocolate

in a 100 gm dar chocolate have 31 gm fat 

in a 100 gm white chocolate have 32 gm fat 

in a 100 gm milk chocolate have 30 gm fat 

fat free chocolate

The chocolate sauce does not have to be prohibited in a weight control diet, as long as it is not consumed in excess and you choose a fat-free and sugar-free version like the one we propose today, nothing better than making your own chocolate sauce light to sweeten your breakfasts, desserts, and snacks, we give you the recipe.

One of the things that we lovers of chocolate may like the most is the chocolate sauce because with it we can add more flavor and another texture to all kinds of cakes, pies, cakes, brownies or cupcakes like these, no matter what the main flavor is chocolate, you can always add more.

And of course, the chocolate sauce is also ideal for dressing ice creams, pancakes, pancakes, fruits, breakfast cereals (preferably porridge or similar, for health), Panna cotta, puddings … but of course, a normal chocolate sauce usually has fats and sugar, we can give you as an example two recipes for syrup or sauces that we have shared with you, this one with cream, and this one that does not contain dairy products.

Well, since you have to take care of your diet and you also have to try to enjoy what you like, you can make healthier variants even of this type of sauces, and that is what we are going to show you today, how to make a chocolate sauce fat-free and sugar-free, it does not provide zero calories, but it does much less than if you add cream or another dairy (although those who prefer a less intense chocolate sauce can add a little skimmed milk) and sugar. Try it because you are going to love it.

50 grams of pure cocoa powder (defatted and without sugar)
150-180 grams of water
sweetener to taste
vanilla extract (optional).
Heat the water in a saucepan on the fire or in a jug in the microwave, it does not need to boil.

Put the cocoa powder in a bowl and add the hot water, mix well with a spoon or small rods, until the cocoa is completely dissolved and you have a dense chocolate sauce.

Fat-free and sugar-free chocolate sauce

The sauce can be made lighter or denser, according to tastes and needs, varying the amount of water. Keep in mind that when it cools it will thicken more, so at first, it should be quite liquid.

Once the cocoa is dissolved, add the sweetener and, if desired, the vanilla extract.

Transfer the light chocolate sauce to a kitchen bottle or to a jar that you can cover to preserve it and serve it in your desserts, breakfasts or snacks. It is exquisite!