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facts about chocolate

chocolate is arguably one of the best things on earth. Milk, black, white – people just love it.

We eat chocolate when we are hungry, we eat chocolate when we are depressed, we eat chocolate when we feel good. Chocolate has become an inseparable part of our lives, but there are many things about this sweet sin that you didn’t know about.

The first chocolate bar was produced by the JS Fry & amp; Sounds in Bristol, England in 1847.

In Belgium, 17,000 people are employed in the chocolate industry.

A square of chocolate can give you enough energy to walk 50 meters.
The U.S. military has improved the heat resistance of chocolate to withstand the high temperatures during the Gulf War. These chocolate bars remained solid, even at temperatures up to 140 ° C.

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a natural alkaloid that is said to have aphrodisiac effects and that heals hangovers.

Ivory Coast is by far the world’s leading producer of cocoa beans. About 37% of all cocoa beans in the world are produced on Ivorian territory.
Cocoa has been around for millions of years on Earth and is probably one of the oldest foods.
The Swiss are the biggest consumers of chocolate per capita in the world. Each person eats an average of 11.8 kilos of chocolate per year.

White chocolate is not technically chocolate. It does not contain cocoa or cocoa liquor.

The most expensive chocolate bar in the world was bought in 2001, 630 € by an anonymous person at an auction. It had been left over 100 years ago by Captain Robert Scott, who went on an Antarctic expedition.

The Aztecs believed that cocoa beans were the gift of the God of wisdom. They were so valuable that the Aztecs used them as a form of money.
The Aztecs believed that cocoa beans were the gift of the God of wisdom. They were so valuable that the Aztecs used them as a form of money.

Research suggests that dark chocolate boosts memory, attention, reaction time, and problem-solving skills by increasing blood flow to the brain. Dark chocolate can also improve the ability to see in low-contrast situations (such as bad weather) and promote lowering blood pressure.
It takes about 400 cocoa beans to produce 1/2 kilo of chocolate.

In the famous movie Psychosis, Alfred Hitchcock used chocolate syrup in the legendary shower scene.
The American company World’s Finest Chocolate has produced the largest chocolate bar in the world. It weighs more than 5.5 tonnes and is 6.5 meters long and 90 centimeters thick.

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About 40% of almonds and 20% of peanuts are produced worldwide for the production of chocolate.

Chocolate is full of antioxidants. Especially dark chocolate rich in flavonoids – antioxidants that help prevent heart disease
The origins of the word “chocolate” probably come from the classic Nahuatl word Xocolatl (which means “bitter water”).

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cocoa powder exporters

The annual world trade in cocoa butter represents on average 800,000 tonnes. In Europe, the main exporters are the Netherlands and France, while the largest buyers are Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

hot mocha Starbucks
Among Starbucks’ “Three Musketeers,” Mocha is the lowest-key.

You see its two other brothers-Latte and Cappuccino, always standing in the spotlight, showing their limelight.

However, when you meet Mocha, it will tell you, “I am a very warm coffee.”

In the winter, when the girl came out to drink Starbucks, I think it is best to order her a cup of mocha.

The thick milk flavor, heavy chocolate fragrance, drink in the mouth, sweet, warm, the girl has not had time to after taste, bursts of warmth throughout the body.

Gently flicking the residual milk foam from the corner of the girl’s mouth, and telling her some playful words, the girl “giggled” and laughed, her face red and cold, full of joy.

So, sometimes, Mocha coffee will tell you that it is a cup of coffee that is very suitable for “composing winter love songs”.

Of course, the low-key Mocha is most proud of it. It is different from latte and cappuccino.

It’s a cup of chocolate milk coffee!

When it comes to mocha coffee, the origin is not simple.

Mocha is the English translation of “Mocha” and it is also called “Mochaccino” in the United States.

Both Mainland China and Taiwan call it Mocha, but when it comes to Hong Kong, it is different.

If the cappuccino’s name “Cappuccino” is related to the European priest’s hat, then the mocha’s name “Mocha” comes from a port city in the Middle East.

Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula has a port city called “Mocha” on the Red Sea.